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Vince Tassone. Last Revised November Color Reference Table. ACRA Azzurro Matt Blue. Blue Bianco Avorio 5.

giallo verde rm 06

Ivory White 5. RLM 69 Light Tan Bianco Neve 6. Snow White 6. Bruno Mimetico. Camo Brown. Giallo Cromo 7. Camo Yellow 7. Giallo Mimetico 1. Camo Yellow 1. Giallo Mimetico 2. Camo Yellow 2. Giallo Mimetico 3. Camo Yellow 3. Giallo Mimetico 4. Camo Yellow 4. Grigio Azzurro Chiaro 1. Light Blue Gray 1.

Grigio Azzurro Scuro 3. Dark Blue Gray 3. Grigio Mimetico. Camo Grey. Marrone Mimetico 1. Camo Brown 1. Marrone Mimetico 2. Camo Brown 2. Marrone Mimetico Camo Brown Nocciola Chiaro 4. Light Hazel 4.More than types of coloured electric cables. Our electric wires covered with fabric are perfect for creating your own design lamp and for renewing chandeliers and abat-jour. You can choose among round and twisted fabric cables, nautical electrical cords, large section electric cables.

Perfect for stylish and contemporary lighting designs, our cables offer a large range of bright and shiny colors, ideal for creating design lamps, for renewing abat-jour and for giving the personal touch at home or in your office.

Cotton cables give a more natural look and are perfect to be used in warm, welcoming environments with vintage finishes. Compliant with Italian and European safety regulations. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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Round cotton fabric cables. Linen round cable. Jute round cable. Glittered round cable. Mixed round cable. Silk twisted cable. Cotton twisted cable. Linen twisted cable. Jute twisted cable. Round Metal cable. RM04 Nero. RM13 Marrone. RM20 Blu scuro. RM14 Viola.Boot-topping—Black C 02. December 7, Few other ships have engendered the controversy that surrounds Arizona 's colour at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbour, with heated words, threats and imprecations being flung about nearly as thick and fast as Japanese bombs and torpedoes that fateful morning.

We're going to stand well clear, and simply offer the following:. If you are in the Gray Camp. For those who believe that USS Arizona had repainted into Measure 11 — or some variant thereof — or perhaps even Measure 2A, here are the colours you'll need:. Measure 11 Variant. All vertical surfaces from top of boot-topping to the level of the top of the funnel — 5-S Sea Blue US 07.

giallo verde rm 06

All wood decks — Teak C You're on your own here! Boot-topping — Black C 02. Just to keep the waters muddied, there are claims that some of the Battle Line — perhaps including Arizona — had repainted into Measure 2A. All vertical surfaces from the top of boot-topping waterline up to the line of the main deck— 5-D Dark Gray US 04 ; All vertical surfaces from the line of the main deck up to the level of the top of the funnel — 5-O Ocean Gray US 06 ; All vertical surfaces above the top of the funnel including masts, topmasts, and yards — 5-L Light Gray US 03.

If you are in the Blue Camp. If you are among those who believe that she did not repaint after her collision with USS Oklahoma in October and was still in Measure 1 at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, these are the colours you need:.

Finally, bear in mind that there is some evidence that Arizona may have been in the midst of a repaint at the time of the attack, and therefore may have been wearing some of both of the above schemes! Admiralty Disruptive Pattern Camouflage, using the following on the. Vertical surfaces:. Bridge Decks—Corticene RN 24. Boot topping, funnel caps, pom-pom barrels—Black C 02. Underside of blast shields, flag decks, boats, Pom-Pom decks and other platforms.

Lockers, vents, davits, etc. All darken ship screens, canvas covers for reels, etc. Insides of gun shields. Stanchions and other small fittings on upper deck. Wood decks—Teak C 01. Prior to final sortie. Superstructure—Hellgrau 50 KM 01. Funnel cap—Aluminiumbronze C 04. False bow and stern waves—White C 03. As sunk. Arado Ar This scheme differed from port to starboard.

Countershading—5-U White C 03. Measure 21 ; part ; We have no definite information.Please see our "Where to buy" for international orders. Paint and thinners classify as flammable liquid and can only be sent via our specialised contract to Mainland Great Britian as they are dangerous goods.

The minimum order is 6 tins of paint or bottles of thinners or a combination of both. If you require any help with this please contact us. Please contact us if you wish to order less than the minimum.

All costs are automatically calculated during checkout before any payment is taken. For a guide price see below. Under EU law a consumer is entitled to cancel a distance sales contract without notice up to 14 days after delivery. We as Sovereign Hobbies Ltd are obligated to refund the full value of the goods paid by you, plus the basic rate of postage available to you for that product to your address at the time of order.

Customers cancelling however are obligated to return the goods to us in as-new condition at your expense. With specific reference to paint order cancellations, this means you are required to return flammable liquids to us via the post, which may be greatly simplified by asking us to arrange collection for you under our dangerous goods handling contract.

You are entitled to use any carrier you wish, but point out that it is illegal to fail to disclose the Class III Flammable Liquids nature of the contents of the return package in order to have the package accepted by a courier under their normal services. Returns will be charged at the true cost if you use us to arrange collection.

Payment is required at time of ordering. Once added to cart, you can checkout, select postage method and make payment as per the usual procedure. We will order the item in for you. For more infomation see here. We advised that you ensure to purchase enough paint to complete the model to maintain accuracy. Whilst we do everything in our power to ensure consistancy between batches using real people and not machine, we are also carrying out constant improvement of our range and colour accuracy.

As such we do make changes to colours when new information shows a discrepancies in our range. This allows us to carry the most accurate and authentic paint range. Therefore we advise that you ensure to order enough paint to complete the model, especially when building larger scale kits.

Royal Navy Paint Range Information. Colourcoats paints are either a matt or satin finish each paint is detailed on the listing. Colourcoats is also highly opaque meaning that a single coat is often sufficient coverage. It can be sprayed with a suitable airbrush or brush painted. When brush painting multiple thinned coats are recommended with sable brushes. The recommended thinner however is Colourcoats Thinners, a specially formulated enamel thinner which combines the drying times of cellulose, far less odour than either type of general purpose thinner, very good paint adhesion without softening plastic and is fully compatible with Colourcoats paint long term - meaning you can return unused thinned paint to the tin for long term storage.

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Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout. Tin Size 14ml. Quantity must be 1 or more. Add to cart. Out Of Stock!Colourcoats Paints by White Ensign Models. In the shipmodeling hobby, there have been numerous advances in materials, prototypes, and methods.

One of the things that has been missing is a line of accurate paints that modelers could use. Floquil had a line of Marine paints that were close, but not quite accurate. Floquil discontinued this line of paints a few years ago when they moved away from solvent-based paints. Pollyscale has a line of water-based paints but these are mostly for aircraft with a few ship colors added for US Naval ships.

giallo verde rm 06

It was here that he convinced Caroline Carter that they could market a line of paints that would be accurate and ship modelers would flock to use. These paints would be solvent-based enamels and packaged in Humbrol-type tins that most modelers are familiar with.

If the paints were a success, the line would grow to include other navies. The initial sales proved very successful and White Ensign could not keep up with orders. There was a brief delay in production while White Ensign worked-out the delays with the paints. The initial production problems were solved and the paints put into full production.

The line has become so successful, that it it is expanding into aircraft colors and some of the more obscure colors used by Naval ships. Ship Colors currently in production:. Modern Naval Colours 16 colors. Miscellaneous 3 colors. Varnishes 3 colors. US Aircraft Colors 10 colors. Color of the paint is indicated on the lid with the name on the label.

This work very well for me since I keep all my paints in Tupperware containers. I can glance down and find the color with ease by just glancing at the lid. Before you use any of paints, be sure to thoroughly mix them by shaking the paint in the tin thoroughly. After shaking, remove the lid and stir the paint. If you do not thoroughly mix the paint, it will come out uneven and with a gloss surface. I found this out when I tested the paint for the first time.

I only shook the tin for a little bit, and then applied the paint without stirring it first.Rafa Benitez has seen his team go through an extended period of poor form, and it has resulted in Newcastle dropping to 15th place in the table.

Canarini bruni,mosaico rosso e gialli,e agata ross

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giallo verde rm 06

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