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ProPickup How-To. Sometimes that load has a tendency to break the very components trying their best to provide the best traction. In the popular G80 the weak link seems to be the cross-spider gears. What tipped Adair off there was a serious problem afoot in his truck is under some low-traction conditions the locker would lock and unlock sporadically.

Not good. What he discovered is the factory G80 broke and would only engage in spots where there were still teeth on the gear. A fact shown clearly by the remains of broken teeth accumulated on the magnetic differential drain plug.

Adair, fellow mechanic Daniel Parker, and drivetrain repair expert Jack Robertson removed the old locker and replaced it with the new Eaton Detroit Truetrac in about four hours, at Truck Supply and Outfitters in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

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The most challenging part of this rebuild, is measuring the backlash on the ring gear. Too loose and the differential will whine and suffer excess wear.

Your email address will not be published. Please wait while you are being authenticated Please disable your Ad Blocker in your browser's extentions. Toggle navigation. Latest News Chevy and Ford debate over best-in-class towing 1 day ago. G80 Repair Upgrade. Bruce Smith January 3, There are no comments Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Most Popular Ford releases video of Ford hybrid F torture test. Recent Stories Chevy and Ford debate over best-in-class towing.

More Articles Chevy HD gets more towing, more trailer tech and four special editions.All rights reserved. More on this:. Up Next. Customers in the market for a mid or full-size pickup truck are well aware of the benefits that come with a rear locking differential. Everyone calls this bit of equipment G80 due to its order code.

Regarding the Eaton end of the deal, these guys are mainly known for making high-spec superchargers. Back to the G80 locking rear diff then. In other words, the Eaton G80 automatic locking differential lets a rear-wheel-drive truck go places traditionally reserved for pickups that benefit from four-wheel-drive.

Enhanced traction and control are what the G80 locking differential offers overall.

EATON G80 LOCKER / Locking Differential (Chevrolet Silverado) - AnthonyJ350

How does it work? If one of the rear wheels starts to spin looking for traction, the Eaton G80 rear axle locks automatically. This enables both rear wheels to propel the truck out of the muddy situation. As mentioned beforehand, the diff engages without any input from the driver. Of course, the G80 differential can also be had on 4x4 pickup trucks for added versatility.

With both rear wheels rotating at the same speed, this provides better traction than a conventional limited-slip differential. Unlike high-tech electronic lockers, the G80 differential detects wheel slip through some flyweight-type governor. When slip is detected by the mechanism, a self-energized clutch system forces a camp plate ramp against a side gear, compressing a disc pack. This action causes both rear axle shafts to rotate at the same speed.

Even the mid-size Colorado benefits from it if you go for the Z71 package. If you got lost somewhere in between these lines, the demo video below should clear things up.

Latest car models:. You will only receive our top stories, typically no more than 5 per day yes no.It seems they had had a few returns from Volvo owners due to incompatibility issues. It's not clear if the issues are unique with the Trutrac LSD or the housing. Also it does seem all s have the "ears" on the right side of the pumpkin they are not machined on s.

These ears attach to the torque arm on the suspension. The only difference between a and is the housing itself and the ring and pinion. The differential units can be swapped back and forth. The ring and pinion cannot. The later model cars 86 and upwhich all have speedo tone rings, are believed to all be 's. A Trutrac unit going in a car that requires a speedo tone ring will be different only to fit the tone ring. You can still swap tone ring or no tone ring differentials from to The only problem will be that you won't have a working speedo if you need a tone ring and install a diff that does not have one.

The differential units come in 2 sizes depending on what Ring and Pinion you have or want. One will fit and upone will fit below Make sure you pick accordingly in case you ever want to change gears. For example, you cannot change from a ring and pinion to a ring and pinion without changing the differential unit. This goes for stock oem diffs and TrueTrac diffs as well. So make sure you get the right pinion bearing for whatever rear end you have.

I abused a rear end with rwhp for about 15K miles with NO problems whatsoever. But keep in mind I have no personal experience with series cars, just series cars. Because my car is a V8, I chose to use a 3. At the same time, Dale Walmsley ordered a high-preload diff for the 3.

When I got my rear end apart, I thought to measure the carriers to see if I needed to buy any different shims. To my surprise, I needed to add about 0.

Since the factory shims are about.

g80 locker mod

Obviously this wasn't the right part for the car. So I borrowed Dale's Trutrac and measured. It was within. Again, I used a 3. The taller gears 3. Many manufacturers do this by moving the flange on the diff carrier outboard for the "highway" gears, but it seems that Volvo, in the at least, used a thinner ring gear instead, and kept the differential carrier the same for all ratios. I can't speak for the model diff, since that's closer to a true Dana They might use thicker ring gears and offset flanges for the 3.

Another thing that occurred that you should watch for My had a light drag, and I didn't bother doing anything about it, but the I did had a HEAVY drag, so I had to clearance the sensor to clear the diff.

This differential is a direct or nearly a direct bolt-in to the Dana 30 and rear ends. In most cases, these differentials will bolt in and run fine with no adjustments, usually even without replacement of any bearings or shims. You must remove the ring gear and bolt on your own ring gear that matches your pinion gear. If you're concerned about installing a G80 diff "as is"you can also check the ring gear backlash after installing by using a dial caliper.Come say hello, or just browse through the forums and find what you're looking for.

Come join our growing community and be a part of revolutionizing Volvo performance Register Now! Get your Turbobricks apparel! Everything from shirts to stickers. I think it's pretty obvious to state that by doing this mod, you must have faith in your skills, your tools, and that this is what you want to do.

It's irreversible, and by screwing up at any stage, you can cause eventual failure to your differential unit. This doesn't just mean that the locker won't lock - this could mean that the bearings will disintegrate, seizing your differential suddenly and unexpectedly though with PLENTY of aural warningsending you spinning into the nearest ditch. Ask me how I know! Also, this locker is designed to unlock above 25 MPH so that you may be safer. If you're on a highway and one wheel starts to spin, you keep going straight.

If the locker kicks in and both spin, you can spin into the nearest ditch. Again, ask me how I know.

g80 locker mod

By modifying your locker, you give up this safety feature in the name of increased performance and dorifto ackshun. You asked for it. Here's the filthy chunk. Remove the bearing caps after marking their location and orientation for later installation. Undo the bolts holding the axle end plates in place.

Pull the axles out a few inches - it might be necessary to whack on them a bit to break them loose. There are two major components to the actuation of this locker. The flyweights screwdriver, holding them apart and the governor pawl to the right. At low speeds below 25 MPH the governor pawl sits in this position, held by a torsion spring:. And at higher speeds, centrifugal force on the big counterweight overcomes the spring and it sits like this.

Remember this for later Mark the position of the ring gear relative to the differential housing, and remove the gear. There are three T27 Torx screws holding the case to the ring side plate. Remove these, and tap the plate off the case. They only go back together one way and it's pretty easy to see, so no marking is necessary. A mess! Here's the mechanism as it sits when it's assembled. There are a few pieces missing, like the caps that capture the clutch ears, but that's not important now.It is designed to provide more precise wicking and the ability to save eliquid.

You can adjust all the four slots to get an open draw when vaping. Coming with a top power of 80W that can work under temperature control or wattage control modes, the kit is so pocket friendly that it lets you to enjoy your vaping anywhere and anytime. Due to some YouTube issues, if you want to receive notifications when I upload new videos, I strongly recommend you to hit this bell and check this box.

That way, you will most likely receive notifications on my new uploads. So the link to this review is going to be in the description down below. On the back, we have a brief presentation, as well as the kit contents, a couple of warnings, serial number, color of the kit, and scratch code to check for authenticity.

You are also going to receive the warranty card, a battery warning, and the G80 Kit user manual. You are also going to receive a 0. So the kit is going to come with different coils. It is going to come with a 0. And as you can see, the 0. You are also going to receive a spare glass tank, micro-USB charging and firmware upgrade cable, a bag with spare O-Rings for the atomizer.

The box is also going to have the device or the kit in the color you choose or the color you pick. Here is the gold and black, here the silver, and here the green and black. Here are all the colors side by side. So the green and black comes with the black Spirals Tank with green O-Rings. The gold and black with the gold Spirals Tank with black O-Rings.

The silver with the stainless Spirals Tank with black O-Rings. And the black and red with the black Spirals once again, but with red O-Rings. And the stripes on the top-fill part, matching the same color of the O-Rings.

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g80 locker mod

This Video Of A Woman Reporting Live Has Us Crying Laughing Rhoda Young is our citizen journalist of the year. Jordin Sparks Suffers The Death Of A Loved One She shared the news with her fans. BET Newsletters are subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Users can unsubscribe at anytime.Anne Bell, United Kingdom The Express Fjord Route, June 2017 The places we stayed were delightful.

Erik Strom, United States Ultimate Journey of Norway, June 2017 We could not have asked for a better travel agent. Dorian Randall, United Kingdom Iceland Full Circle, June 2017 The service provided by Nordic Visitor was excellent and we had one of the best and most enjoyable holidays we have ever had. Anne Alkema, New Zealand Grand Tour of Scotland, June 2017 The self-drive tour was wonderful for us. Marion Hampson, Canada Iceland Full Circle, May 2017 Greg Boyden, United States Iceland Full Circle, May 2017 I am definitely letting my friends know how wonderful your company is and how it makes your stay in Iceland that much more enjoyable.

CARB not testing NOx when and where it counts

Chris Borczon, United States Golden Circle and South Coast, May 2017 This tour is a perfect tour for a 'taste' of Iceland. Mary Dailor, United States Express Iceland, May 2017 Nordic Visitor made visiting Iceland very easy.

George Baker, United States Winter Wonders in Rovaniemi, March 2017 Everything was wonderful. It was the experience of a lifetime. My daughter and I had a blast. Lauren Tzonkov, United States Iceland Full Circle - Winter, March 2017 Margret was awesome to work with. Jessica Rothfuss, United States Iceland Winter World, February 2017 We booked a couple tours outside of Nordic Visitor and saw a huge difference between what you booked and what we booked ourselves.

Julie Cook, Australia Norway Complete, February 2017 Even though all bookings were done by internet the process seemed very personal and I had every confidence that arrangements would be carried out without any hassles. Lisa Raith, United States South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, January 2017 The trip was absolutely amazing and we had the time of our lives.

Maha Saad, United States Iceland Winter World, December 2016 Everything was well planned out giving me enough time to see plenty with enough time to explore Reykjavik as well. Erica Lay, Spain South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, December 2016 Margret is an absolute superstar. Heleyna, United Kingdom Iceland Winter World, November 2016 Clara and Nicole, United States Iceland Winter World, October 2016 The whole experience from the booking stage (thank yo so much, Solveig), right through to leaving Iceland was extremely awesome.

My only regret is not being able to come into the office to give Solveig and the rest of the team my personal thanks.

I'm very pleased to have done the tour through your company, and being able to see the phenomenal sights your country has to offer. The Northern Lights were spectacular!. Our guide even helped us set our cameras to the right formation for capturing such anomalies.

CARB not testing NOx when and where it counts

Fantastic all round trip. Stephanie, United States South and West in Detail, October 2016 I can't say it enough. The personal service, the itinerary descriptions, the supplemental travel items that we were given, the feedback, the patience that Margret had with me as I asked a million questions, the perfection of how everything flowed once we got there. Edward and Irene, Canada Norway Complete, October 2016 It took all the effort out of organizing a trip.

Normally I spend weeks, researching and making selections, but this was so easy, and so successful. I should add that I booked late, on impulse, contacting Bjarni on Sept. So glad we went in the early part of Oct. We would have preferred the beer package - beer and Norwegian food are great together, and the drinks on board were extremely expensive - we shared a beer at dinner.

I was a little intimidated by the title "Expedition" team, but that actually turned out to refer to a wonderful team of 4 who organize tours, hikes, lectures, music (and dancing. Bring lots of money. Another note on booking cabins on the beautiful Nordkapp - ask for a portside cabin for the northbound trip - there are fewer stops southbound, and often in the dark. Jeanne, United States Iceland Full Circle, September 2016 Iceland is a beautiful country filled with magnificent landscapes, spectacular waterfalls and fascinating cultural history.

Alison and David, Australia Iceland Full Circle, September 2016. The accommodation all over Iceland was really excellent and some would be highlights or favorites we'll remember a long time Jean, United States Scenic Fjords of Norway, September 2016 I think Kolbrun did an outstanding job of listening to what we wanted, had suggestions of her own, made excellent reservations, and kept us informed about our reservations.

It took us quite awhile to make a decision on whether and which tour to take, and she was always generous with her time and answered all questions within hours of being asked.