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Big cats about the house

Now he has returned to the UK for his biggest challenge: to run the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, with a dream of building a centre of global conservation excellence, while also helping to give Maya and Willow a great start in life. In her first few months she needed care around the clock so I took her home, but now she is eight months old, is a rambunctious and loveable character and has settled into life at the sanctuary.

Arclight phoenix deck standard

When Eli Kassis won Grand Prix Oakland at the turn of the new year, the story was of Arclight Phoenix 's rise from a new rogue strategy to the top-tier. Last weekend the story was of Arclight Phoenix 's sustained dominance, and a very strong argument that it's the best deck in Modern. One of the biggest strengths of the Izzet Arclight Phoenix deck is the sideboarding phase. Sideboarding might seem like a very scary time for a deck based around abusing the graveyard, which is historically one of Magic's most hosed strategies.

China unicom dns

China Unicom is the world's fourth-largest mobile service provider by subscriber base. They are the only provider to sell SIM cards that provide native phone numbers on both sides of the border charging slightly higher rates than local while in the mainland, but cheaper than roaming with another provider-in some cases even cheaper than a SIM from another Chinese province if being used in the Shenzhen - Guangzhou area. In turn, China Unicom H. Other members of the alliance include BaiduTencentand Alibaba.